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Biofutur Solar Truck- Photovoltaics for trucks

BIOFUTUR was established in 2005. Since its beginnings, we have participated in the energy development in Spain by carrying out numerous photovoltaic installations on industrial rooftops and on the ground, and later on, abroad, and now we are working on solar truck.

BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK was a founding partner of the photovoltaic module assembly company GRUPOSOLAR, being responsible for the choice of machinery.

Within R+D+I, we have participated in the study, manufacturing, and commissioning of high-concentration photovoltaic modules with Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish companies, among others

We have provided support for the design and quality control of double-axis trackers and material selection.

Camión fotovoltaica, Biofutur solar


First photovoltaic park with 100 kW high-concentration modules and double-axis tracker with the support of the VALENCIAN ENERGY AGENCY, in addition to carrying out the engineering and physical execution of the project.

Camion rojo con paneles solares, Biofutur solar


Design, manufacture, distribute, and sell industrial vehicle component…

At BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK We have recently started a project to install photovoltaic modules on trucks, with the aim of accelerating the mobility revolution so that each vehicle contributes to reducing its carbon footprint and achieving a reduction in CO2 emissions.

At BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK, we implement solar energy designed to integrate efficiently into pre-established designs of trucks and buses. In this way, we increase their autonomy, reduce fuel costs, CO2 emissions, and decrease noise pollution.

In Spain, we expect a clear growth in refrigerated trucks due to the high demand for transportation solutions for medical products, frozen products, and fast food.

The options we offer cover part of the vehicle’s energy and/or cooling needs.


By installing BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK on their vehicles, transportation companies can offer their customers a cleaner and more reliable service, reducing emissions and noise pollution. Both companies and truck drivers benefit, also contributing to their green footprint with BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK.


BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK supplies green electricity from solar panels to the truck. While driving, a lower load on the engine reduces fuel consumption. In addition, it is no longer necessary to be idle to generate electricity.
Potential savings: 5.5%


The payback of the investment in BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK depends on the specific user case. In general, BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK has a balance period of 3 years, after which the technology operates with economic and environmental benefits from day one.
Payback period: 3 years


Electricity is an important aspect of today’s trucks. Heavy vehicles consume a lot of electricity, which is generated by the alternator. This is a very inefficient process while driving the truck, which is further worsened when the truck is idle.

What are the problems with generating electricity with the truck?

  • Electric power in a vehicle is very expensive and polluting.

  • A truck stopped due to a discharged battery is costly (in time) and a bad service for customers.

  • Running the truck’s engine at idle to generate electricity is extremely inefficient and causes a lot of wear and tear.

  • Battery technology did not keep pace with technological advances in the truck, leading to frequent battery replacements.

  • Improvement of heavy vehicles with solar energy.

  • Thanks to innovative technologies, it has been possible to meet the demand for clean energy on board heavy vehicles. Trucks run and have a mobile need for electricity.

BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK is a photovoltaic system that is installed on semi-trailers. With the technology, these trailers become mobile solar parks, reducing more costs and emissions than solar panels that are connected to the grid.

  • Lower fuel consumption.

  • Lower engine load and less idle time together save up to 5.5% of fuel in total.

  • Easy non-invasive installation procedure where the truck and trailer electrical wiring is left intact.

  • Plug & Play.

  • Both new and existing vehicles are compatible with BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK.

  • Longer battery life

  • Thanks to BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK’s intelligent charging methods, the truck’s battery life is longer.

  • Additional devices charged

  • BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK can be used to charge additional devices, such as lifting gates and pallet jacks.

  • Cloud-controlled.

  • Intelligent cloud communication provides the owner with a clear overview of BIOFUTUR SOLAR TRUCK’s performance.


An integration of complete surface solar panels on the roof and side surfaces of a semi-trailer can cover more than 20% of the annual energy requirement for the refrigeration unit.

Refrigerated trailer with a 40-ton GVWR.

  • Valencia, Spain.
  • Solar surface: 60 m² Roof and sides.
  • Total installation power: 9,8 KWp
  • Number of modules: 54 units
  • Energy efficiency: 20 kWh/day average in Valencia, Spain
  • Fuel savings per year: 3.400 liters
  • CO2 emission reduction per year: 9 tons
  • The solar energy produced is used to recharge the battery to operate the refrigeration unit, as compared to diesel-powered refrigerated trailers.

Refrigerated trailer with a 40-ton GVWR

  • Valencia, Spain
  • Solar surface: 26 m² roof only
  • Total installation power: 4,70 KWp
  • Number of modules: 26
  • Energy efficiency: 11,8 kWh/day
  • Refrigeration unit: Electric
  • CO2 emission reduction per year: 6.5 tons of CO2
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