Angulos muertos EN

Blind spots

Blind spots France

angulos muertos removebg adhesivo

Distinctive type of adhesive sticker for driving in FRANCE.

Blind spots UK

BLIND SPORT adhesivo

Distinctive type of adhesive sticker for driving in UK (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales) recommended.


UVI inks: We achieve maximum definition, sharpness, quality, and durability, resistant to sun, water, and cleaning products. It is a 100% ecological process, these inks do not contain mercury or lead

Adhesive glue: The type of adhesive does not leave any residue or remove paint

Laminated for care in washing and protection from dirt on the roads.

PRINTED ON CANVAS Greater durability: Conventional products fixed on canvases are damaged, fall off, are torn off, are damaged when washing the truck, inks lose quality extremely easily, so we must be aware of buying repeatedly, installing and of course, the possibility of suffering serious sanctions.

Instructions for use

1. Clean well with plenty of water or alcohol.
2. Remove any impurities with sandpaper
3. Clean and dry again
4. Peel off the protective layer.

What vehicles are affected by this obligation?

  • Any vehicle with a maximum authorized mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

What vehicles are exempt from this obligation?

  • Agricultural and forestry vehicles.
  • Winter service equipment.
  • Intervention vehicles from services that manage highways or expressways.
  • Motor vehicles and towed vehicles, whose structural impossibility is
    demonstrated, are exempt from the placement of side and/or rear markings.

Please note: Structural impossibility is established when there is no element in the defined placement areas that allows the signs to be placed or when it is not possible to place a support to accommodate the signs (for example, a Dolly)

Truck blind spots

Where should the signage be placed?


The signs should be placed on the rear face of the vehicle in a position compatible with
its technical characteristics and on each side outside the glazed surfaces in the first
front meter (between 0.9 and 1.5 m from the ground).


The mark will be placed on the rear face of the vehicle to the right of the longitudinal median plane at
a height of between 0.9 and 1.5 m and on each side in the first meter behind the coupling pin
of the vehicle at a height of between 0.9 and 1.5 m.


Bubble effect protection laminate.

  • 120gr adhesive.
  • Laminated.
  • UVI inks
  • High resistance and durability.

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