Thermal Separator

It is a cold separator for various loads that require transportation at different temperatures. It is an excellent temperature insulator that maintains traceability in the cold chain within a truck, van, or trailer.

It allows for fuel savings if the vehicle is not fully loaded. This is because every time the truck door is opened to unload goods, the cooling equipment must start up to recover the optimal temperature. If the truck is large, it will take more time to reach the desired temperature.

By using thermal separators, the spaces shrink as the goods are unloaded, thus allowing the temperature to be maintained in each sector. As a result, the cold chain is maintained without putting extra strain on the cooling equipment.

It is available in two formats:

  • Formed by two independent parts
  • Formed by two parts joined in the center, like a book, allowing for folding.

A separator is composed of:

Foam rubber is incorporated into the frame so that it can fit better between the walls and ceiling of the vehicle.

Angles and edges incorporate reinforcements to protect it from impacts and scratches.

Handles that facilitate placement and allow for greater convenience when handling.

It is made to measure to fit between the walls and ceiling of the truck.

Its bottom can be reinforced and covered with reinforced PVC. The reinforcement of the bottom contributes to prolonging the life of the thermal separator, protecting it from impacts and scratches from pallet jacks, load impacts, etc.

It can be made with fittings (dual-temperature channels, hooks, wheel passages, etc.).

It can incorporate channels for pipes or fittings for hooks.

It can also be made with a return window.

Option to personalize the product with license plates or names.


Dimensions (mm): Made to measure from a van of 1,500 kg to a truck of 40,000 kg.

Width (mm): Made to measure from a van of 1,500 kg to a truck of 40,000 kg.

Height (mm): Made to measure from a van of 1,500 kg to a truck of 40,000 kg.

Thickness (mm): 50mm (3 layers)

Variable size. Option of loose or joined sheets, and fittings for pipes and windows for air transmission from one compartment to another.

Color: Grey with green borders.

Weight approximately 15 kg.

Materials and Possibilities:

The inner core of our separator is made of polyethylene and polycarbonate to prevent bending.

Reinforcements in angles and edges. Perimeter reinforcement canvas with greater hardness than the rest. 900 gr/m2

Foamed central canvas with a thickness of 650 gr/m2

Stainless steel screws.

Handles for easy handling.

OPTIONAL Special PVC bottom reinforcement for temperatures of -35°C, which also serves as an anti-slip feature, unlike other types of products.

Washable with water and detergent, comfortable, transportable.

Lightweight, versatile, and durable. Hygienic. Quick and easy installation.

Also for vans with wheel passages, trucks with hooks, lateral ventilation for cold air passage, etc…

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