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Anti-theft protection for fuel gauge Sofick

Don't let them steal your fuel gauge!

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If you already have an anti-theft device for the fuel tank mouth, the easiest option for thieves to steal diesel is through the fuel gauge/sounding rod, which is very easy to remove and install.

In most cases, attempting to forcefully extract the fuel will break important parts, causing an approximate breakdown cost of €200-€400, in addition to the stolen fuel and the costs of lost workdays.

Therefore, we present a method to prevent this:

SOFICK is an adaptable and universally extensible system to protect the fuel gauge from theft and damage.

SOFICK fuel gauge protector is made of aluminum, specially designed for tank manufacturing. Similar to the material used in fuel tank production.

SOFICK is interchangeable from one tank to another.

SOFICK can also serve as advertising material with logos provided by customers.

EU201400371 and D0519244 patents provide warranty and reliability for both materials and the system. We are not aware of any other product that meets these conditions.


Consists of two extensible aluminum pieces, each 2mm thick, attached to the tank’s straps. When the components intersect, the thickness increases to 4mm in the protected area, providing great rigidity and protection.

Each bend and cut has been made after observation, testing, and experience. Its height and openings are designed to allow the fuel gauge to breathe and function in the event of an accident. At the same time, its rigidity protects the fuel gauges from impacts and serious damage to other parts.

For perfect installation, the following are included:

  • 4 Zinc-plated flat head embedded screws DIN 603.
  • 4 Zinc-plated washer.
  • 4 Zinc-plated lock nuts.

Sizes: SOFICK can be found from 31cm to 118cm. We cover all possible sizes to save our customers time and effort, as having to move straps or drill holes triples the price of what we have purchased.

sofick extendible

-Made in Spain. The product itself and the materials, as well as the companies involved in the manufacturing processes, testing, finishing, painting, and transportation, comply with European quality standards.

-Aluminum has desirable qualities such as lightness, strength, malleability, and corrosion resistance. Aluminum’s durability is much higher than that of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel will deteriorate in two years, even in the best-case scenario.

-ITV. It does not need to be screwed to the chassis or welded, does not use adhesives, and does not press the tank’s elements.

-Reuse. Thanks to its extensibility and quality, we have the possibility of moving SOFICK from one tank to another, saving us new purchases, time, and errors, or even more expensive, workshop hours, as in the case of static elements’ reuse, we have to move the straps. Moving straps can cost the equivalent of 2 SOFICK. The quality of the materials prolongs the product’s lifespan.

-Personalization. We can engrave your logo and/or company name via laser. We can also design it to the measurements you propose.

-Installation. Once the device is prepared, the fuel tank’s clamps must be loosened to insert it underneath, taking the necessary precautions. Once it is presented and verified to be correctly adapted, the fuel tank clamps must be tightened to secure it.

If you want to see our device in action, please watch the following video.

 Designed, created, and patented by Biofutur net del Mediterrani SL

Informative video:


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