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If only 5 liters of fuel are stolen per week, in 1 year you will lose 270 liters, around 270 euros per truck, in addition to external thefts.

Supposing a truck is rented and comes with a grid-type fuel anti-theft device (with holes) offered by the company, and you know for certain that fuel is being continuously stolen, in addition to possible external thefts, what should I do?

  1. If the trucks are rented but already come equipped with fuel anti-theft devices, you can remove them and install your own. When returning the trucks, you only need to return the grid-type anti-theft devices to the rental company and keep the PETROLKEY devices to reinstall them later.
  2. We can supply them to your dealership before taking them out and include them in the truck’s rental agreement.
  3. You can rent the truck without fuel anti-theft devices and install them yourself. Before returning the truck, you can remove the devices to use them again




has its own cap fixed to it with hinges and therefore it is unpickable.

An original cap of regular quality costs at least 60 euros (losing two caps would pay for the device).

Tubular security lock «easy touch». Also available without lock.

The original caps of trucks are not very difficult to force open.

Nothing can be extracted, it is blocked 1mm from the opening of the cap. Not even a tube with a 1mm diameter can fit.

The first 15 centimeters are not protected. In a tank, 15 cm equals 150 liters, which is around 150 euros.

You can fit 4mm pipes through the holes it has. Even when the diesel is below the level of the grid element, it is easy to access.

Stealers can buy manual extraction pumps with tubing of this caliber for 5 euros.

Has a second safety system, a buoy-type system type  «butterfly wings».

It does not have a second safety system.

Has a protection buoy to prevent theft through pressure extraction from one tank to another using the compressed air guns that the truck itself has.

Theft using compressed air guns is possible in interconnected tanks.

Durability: made of high-quality steel, high-performance, and reusable due to its benefits and price.

A 25 euro grid element is not worth the time, quality, price, or effort to disassemble, so it would be a waste of money.

Is practically tamper-proof.

It can be easily stolen or broken.

Disassembly can only be carried out with a special compressed air machine manufactured exclusively for this process, provided by BIOFUTUR exclusively for its customers.

Can be disassembled with keys or tools that can be found in any store.

Low-profile designed with an angled shape to allow for comfortable use of the gun and easy refueling with full tank capacity.

Difficulty in achieving full refueling due to its design or height.

The buoy itself serves to prevent fuel spills in the event of a rollover.

Does not have an anti-spill buoy in case of an accident.

Anti-spill pressure seal that presses the element against the tank mouth, preventing fuel losses.

It does not have anti-spill systems, which can cause fuel losses during refueling and while driving, and may lead to fines for spills.

It can handle up to 130 liters per minute without any splashing.

Minimizes (to a variable degree) the number of liters it can handle per minute, which can lead to splashes, spills, and interruptions during refueling.

No stops of the gun during refueling.

There may be interruptions during refueling, and in some cases or depending on the model, it may take up to 15 minutes to fill the tank.

You need 10 seconds to assemble it. It could be done even by hand.

You may need to weld it, screw it, or seal it, which can cause inconvenience, increase the time investment, and damage the tank.

It doesn’t require any bolts or fastenings.

Depends on fixations, welds that can damage the tank.

It can be disassembled in 15 seconds, and with the disassembly machine, it takes 20 seconds.

It’s not worth disassembling or removing the device because it could cause damage to the tank.


Device structure

Antirrobo de combustible camión. gif modelo petrolkey


  • Top cap attached to the main block.
  • Super low height cap
  • Elasto-magnetic compression installation system.
  • Integrated ventilation.
  • Automatic closing cap at the end of refueling.
  • Tubular security lock «easy touch».
  • Multipoint anti-theft coupling.
Antirrobo de combustible camión. Tapa antirrobo PETROLKEY

Middle/body part

  • Made of steel with thicknesses up to 2.7 mm to ensure greater strength.
  • Plastic elements made of technopolymer with characteristics similar to metal.
  • Minimum dimensions to be installed in any situation.
  • Sloping opening for use in very low profiles.
  • Installation with quick anchoring system.
  • Mechanical barrier made of steel with access spaces less than Ø 3.8 mm.
  • Anti-turbulence internal geometry.
  • Maximum flow rate of 130 l/min (nominal).
  • Detachment system with electronic key.
Antirrobo de combustible camión. Cuerpo antirrobo PETROLKEY

Lower part

  • Mechanical block of tank access regulated by fuel leve.
  • Fuel fluid guide system «butterfly wings».
  • Spill-proof system.
  • Dual anti-theft system.

Installation guide

imagen peligro

Safety warnings:

imagen advertencia seguir las normas

The installation of the FUEL ANTI-THEFT CAP must be done with the utmost safety possible.

The general safety and behavioral rules of the workplace and those mentioned in this document must be followed.

Before operation: Read and familiarize yourself with the warnings, instructions, and indications in this manual. If you have any doubts, do not perform any operation.

In every operation where a vehicle is involved, make sure that it is turned off and with the brake system activated or with a similar system that prevents unexpected movement. In the case of trucks with trailers, disconnect the truck first and secure the trailer. Do not perform operations on vehicles with attached trailers.

Follow the indications in this manual and use the indicated tools. DO NOT IMPROVISE.

imagen advertencia usar gafas de protección

Use eye protection glasses. In case of contact with fuel, wash your eyes with plenty of water and go to the medical service.

imagen advertencia usar guantes

Use gloves that protect your skin from possible contact with the vehicle’s fuel. In case of contact with fuel, wash with plenty of soap and water. If the clothing you are wearing becomes impregnated with fuel, change it immediately.

imagen advertencia usar la vestimenta adecuada
imagen advertencia usar elcalzado adcuado

Use clothing and footwear that prevents the generation of static charges. Long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and safety shoes.

Turn off or keep cell phones and communication radios away.

imagen advertencia no usar accesorios

Do not wear rings, bracelets, necklaces, or watches. They can generate static charges or get caught.

imagen advertencia no comer

Do not consume food or beverages while performing the installation.

Antirrobo de combustible camión. imagen advertencia vapores tóxicos y nocivos

Perform the installation in a well-ventilated area or outdoors.

CAUTION! The vapors produced by fuels are toxic and harmful, do not inhale them.

Antirrobo de combustible camión. imagen advertencia inflamable

CAUTION! Diesel, gasoline, and any fuel are flammable liquids. The presence of heat, flame, or spark can cause a fire and/or explosion.

CAUTION! Do not bring sources of heat, open flames, or electrical equipment that can generate sparks to the tank or reservoir mouth.

Clean up any spills immediately and have an appropriate fire extinguisher for fuels on hand.

Antirrobo de combustible camión. imagen advertencia no fumar

CAUTION! Do not smoke during the installation of the device.

Antirrobo de combustible camión. imagen advertencia no acercar dispositivos electrónicos

Using tools or equipment not specified in the indications of this manual can generate situations of risk and danger. Some tools can generate friction and cause heat or spark sources that are dangerous in the presence of fuels.

Dismantling the anti-theft device

The dismantling of the device is carried out by special procedures that guarantee its safety. Forced dismantling of the device can cause irreversible damage to the tank where it was installed. If it is necessary to remove the anti-theft device, contact your distributor.

Antirrobo de combustible camión. Guía antirrobo modelo 105
Antirrobo de combustible camión. Guía antirrobo modelo 105
Antirrobo de combustible camión. Guía antirrobo Scania
Antirrobo de combustible camión Guía antirrobo Scania

Illustrative videos.

Graphic operation of the anti-theft device for truck fuel.

Assembly demonstration of PetrolKey, model 105.

Assembly demonstration of PETROLKEY anti-theft device for Scania truck fuel.

Refueling at gas station, nozzle speed 120 l/min.

For more videos and updates, please visit our YouTube channel.

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