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Petrolkey fuel anti-theft

High quality steel fuel anti-theft system. It is impossible to extract a single drop of fuel, not even a 1mm pipe will fit.



Gauge/sprat protector

Sofick universal adaptable and extendable system to protect the flume from theft and breakage



Anti-theft alarm for fuel tanks and batteries

Two-way electronic protection system for fuel tanks and truck batteries with vibration and sound activation on the controls and audible alarm



Kockòn fuel lock

Kockòn CL2 APEX represents the high-end of the new generation of our time-tested fuel anti-theft proposal: Kockòn.

Tank drain plug locking system

Zack drain is a robust security padlock designed to block the drain hole of the fuel tank and/or the discharge valve of the water/diesel separator filter.


Anti-theft catalyst and particulate filter for cars and vans.

Anti-theft nut and wrench for truck wheels

The wheels and rims are subject to theft, and in a matter of moments leaving him without both.


Energy support through solar energy

Installation of photovoltaic modules in trucks, vans and buses



lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are powerful and compact, ideal for different devices or vehicles to reduce diesel consumption and CO2 savings.


Aerodynamic system to achieve reductions in fuel consumption of up to 6% and harmful gas emissions.



Diesel gas dualization industrial vehicle

We offer solutions for commercial vehicles, public transport and other sectors, adapting engines or providing dual diesel and gas systems.

Efficient diesel control system

Turnkey sensor, to achieve precise real-time measurement of the amount of diesel present in the tank.

Subsidies for improvement and efficiency in transportation.

Subsidies and aid related to mobility.



Ángulos muertos blind spot - Francia y UK

Adhesive sticker type badge for circulation in FRANCE and the UK (England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales).

Truck Tarp Repair Kit

Tarp repair kits, additionally reinforced tarp patches resistant to extreme weather conditions.




ITV axle pressure plate

ITV pressure plate, made of 2 mm galvanized steel, various versions, customizable and your logos.

Temperature separator Dynack stark

Separate cold appropriate for multiple loads and different temperatures. It is a great thermal insulator to guarantee traceability in the cold chain in vehicles.

Dynack+Plus temperature separator

Separate cold appropriate for multiple loads and different temperatures. It is a great thermal insulator to guarantee traceability in the cold chain in vehicles.

Easy Aero Electric Roof Fan
The Easy Aero Electric offers reliable air circulation with its closed fan module, ideal for environments with potential obstructions and stationary use
Easy Aero Roof Ventilator
Ceiling fan provides healthy ventilation and removes humidity, harmful gases and heat from your company vehicle.

Our products are highly versatile as they are compatible with a wide variety of brands including Mercedes, Iveco, MAN, DAF, Scania, Renault, Volvo, Ford, BMC and Fuso.

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