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V-Spoiler Calculator

Resultado del calculo de ahorro con V-Spoiler
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Example of calculator application

  • 1 double truck (trailer type)
  • Speed 85Km/h 120,000 km/year
  • Fuel price without VAT 1.00 €
  • Annual fuel consumption 120,000/100 x 30 = 45,000 liters
  • Estimated savings 2.5%
  • Total fuel savings in liters 900
  • Total savings in euros 900

Features and models

Dimensions (L: W: H) 43cm x 12cm x 2.5cm.

Standard colors: White or black (rubber panels – black only). Possibility of customization in color or brand by engraving your own logos.

Materials: Plastic and rubber.

Adhesive type: 3M brand that not only offers an extraordinary bond, but also allows our panels to be removed from your vehicles without leaving residue and the possibility of installation on a new vehicle.

(rubber panels – black only)


  • Reduce aerodynamic drag, reducing fuel consumption and harmful gas emissions.
  • Keep the back of the trailer cleaner
  • Improve visibility in side mirrors.
  • Increase stability on windy days.
  • Cleaner taillights and therefore greater visibility and safety.
  • More visibility at night with our reflective option.
  • All of the above is also a benefit for the company you are driving for. There are multiple benefits that even help with operational costs, such as fuel savings, less tire wear, and not to mention less money and time spent on washing trailers. Estimated savings between 2% and 4.1%
Un camión rojo con el logo SDL con un lago de fondo

The aerodynamic effect

By altering the airflow, V-spoilers® gradually reduces the advancement of the trailer, resulting in reduced suction.

The V-Spoiler concept is based on small but powerful Vortex generators, a technology also known from F1 Race and the aeronautical industry.

Each Vortex generator creates two air swirls (vortices) that rotate in opposite directions, and at a speed of approx. 3000 rpm, control the airflow (high/low pressure) and reduce the drag at the rear of your vehicle. It is also useful for “narrowing” the space between the cab and the trailer.

They have been exempted from the maximum width of trailers, due to their aerodynamic and/or reflective characteristics.

Un camión rojo SDL abierto
Camión Mercedes
Un camión blanco con V-Spoiler
Carrocería de un camión de transporte

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