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V-Spoiler - Fuel Savings

Resultado del calculo de ahorro con V-Spoiler
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V-Spoiler Calculator

Calculator application example

  • 1 double truck (trailer type)
  • Speed 85 km/h, 120,000 km/year
  • Fuel price excluding VAT: €1.00
  • Annual fuel consumption: 120,000/100 x 30 = 45,000 liters
  • Estimated savings: 2.5%
  • Total fuel savings in liters: 900
  • Total savings in euros: €900

V-Spoilers y aerodinámica:

Understanding vehicle aerodynamics is crucial for reducing CO2 emissions and saving fuel. This involves studying the aerodynamic phenomena generated by the movement of airflow around the body elements. By reducing resistance, adjusting lift, and decreasing noise, aerodynamics contributes to more efficient and sustainable driving.

Inspired by airplane wings, V-Spoilers are devices mounted on the roofs and sides of commercial vehicles that direct air in a way that reduces resistance and improves energy efficiency.

Due to their large frontal surface area and less aerodynamic profile, commercial vehicles are particularly prone to experiencing excessive resistance, resulting in higher fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The installation of V-Spoilers on trucks, buses, and vans has become essential to meet sustainability requirements.

V-Spoilers allow for modifying airflow around vehicles, thus reducing aerodynamic resistance and improving energy efficiency. This innovation helps to reduce the carbon footprint of transport fleets, aligning companies with regulations and reinforcing their commitment to sustainability.


You can read the different tests conducted on the product:
Un camión con V-Spoilers reflectantes
Un camión rojo SDL abierto


Un camión blanco con V-Spoiler
Camión Mercedes
  • Keeps the rear of the trailer cleaner
  • Improves visibility in side mirrors
  • Increases stability on windy days
  • Cleaner taillights and therefore greater visibility and safety
  • Enhanced visibility at night with our reflective option





Our products are highly versatile as they are compatible with a wide variety of brands, including Mercedes, Iveco, MAN, DAF, Scania, Renault, Volvo, Ford, BMC, and Fuso.

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