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PetrolKey Anti-Theft

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If your vehicle does not have an efficient fuel anti-theft system or has an ineffective system installed, such as a grille with holes, and only 5 liters of fuel are stolen per week, in one year you will lose 270 liters, equivalent to about 270 euros by truck. In addition, the risk of external theft must be considered.

What are the options available if your truck is leased and already has a fuel anti-theft device installed, but is still experiencing theft? For leased vehicles with older devices, you can uninstall them and install the PetrolKey device. When returning vehicles, you only need to deliver them with the grille lock and keep the PetrolKey to install in your next vehicle.

We can also supply PetrolKeys to your dealer before you take the truck out and add them to your rental contract. If the lease does not include fuel anti-theft devices, you can install the PetrolKey device yourself and, before returning the vehicle, uninstall it to use it again for the next purchase.





The PetrolKey itself acts as a key, since it includes the built-in cap and with the system no fuel can be stolen. It is not necessary to use an additional key to protect the fuel, since it cannot be removed in any way.


Being a joint system (cap-mouth), neither one nor the other breaks down. In addition, we can supply a rubber protection like a hood so that you have extra protection for your fuel tank and its life is much longer.

It has its own cap fixed to the device by hinges and therefore cannot be lost.

They need a cap and, consequently, a key to protect the opening and prevent theft. However, both the key and the cap are prone to loss and damage. Additionally, they are vulnerable to theft and break easily.



With the passage of time and due to impacts, the ports deteriorate, causing poor closure of the caps and fuel leaks. This poor seal can lead to leaks or allow dirt to enter from the road or the truck’s load.



An original cap with the same key as the truck itself costs around 160 euros, much more than the cost of PETROLKEY.



You can’t extract anything, it is locked 1 mm from the opening of the PETROLKEY cap, that is, it is a lock in itself. Not even a 1mm diameter tube fits.

It has a second “butterfly wings” buoy-style security system.


It has a second “butterfly wings” buoy-style security system. It has a protection buoy for theft by extracting it under pressure from one tank to another with compressed air guns that the truck itself has.




The first 15 centimeters are not protected, 15 cm in a tank is equivalent to 150 liters, about 150 euros. 4 mm tubes fit through the holes it has. Even though the diesel is below the grid element, it is easy to extract. Manual extraction pumps with pipe of this caliber can be purchased for 5 euros.

It does not have second security systems.



In connected warehouses, theft with compressed air guns is possible.


Durability: made of steel, high quality, high performance, so its benefits and price allow it to be reused for years and years. We can also incorporate a rubber hood for greater durability.


It is practically inviolable.


Its disassembly can only be carried out with a special compressed air machine manufactured exclusively for the aforementioned process and provided by BIOFUTUR for its clients.


A 30 euro grille is not worth the time, quality, price or effort to assemble it, so it is a waste of money. Since it is the same as not carrying anything, both internal and external theft is continuous.



They steal fuel easily and, furthermore, they break easily.



It is disassembled with keys/tools that exist in any store, making it very useless.


Its disassembly can only be carried out with a special compressed air machine manufactured exclusively for the aforementioned process and provided by BIOFUTUR for its clients.



Low profile designed with an angle to be able to comfortably use the gun and easily load fuel with a full fill.



The buoy itself serves to ensure that fuel does not spill in the event of a rollover.



It is disassembled with keys / tools that exist in any store.


Difficulty in complete filling due to its design or height.


It does not have an anti-spill buoy in case of accident


Anti-spill pressure joint that presses the element against the mouth of the tank, preventing fuel losses with complete filling or when cornering.


Admite hasta 130 litros minuto, sin salpicaduras de ningún tipo.

Without gun stops when filling.



It does not have anti-spill systems which causes fuel losses during filling and while driving. Possible fines for spills.



Admits up to 130 liters per minute, without splashes of any kind.



Stops during refueling so sometimes or depending on models it takes even 15 minutes to fill the tank. Problems with renting trucks.



You need 10 seconds to assemble it. It could even be done with your hands.



It does not have any hardware or fixings.



With the machine provided by Biofutur, disassembly is done in 5 minutes.



You have to weld it, screw it, seal it. Which causes disruption, increases time investment and damages the deposit.


It depends on fixings and welding that could damage the tank.



No es solamente el tiempo, son los daños, no vale la pena desmontar.



Antirrobo de combustible camión. gif modelo petrolkey


  • safety pin attached to the device by hinges, thus preventing the loss of the caps.
  • Keyless to guarantee greater comfort and avoid future problems with losing it. In Petrolkey it is not necessary, since the system itself is the key in itself.
  • From mm 1 it is impossible to extract fuel
  • Cap with minimum height.
  • Which allows us to fill on excessively low platforms.
  • Rounded coupling base, in order to prevent theft using a faucet key.
  • Installation system using elasto-magnetic compression that guarantees sealing airtight.
  • No other fuel anti-theft device on the market works with this system.
  • Integrated ventilation.
  • What we achieve is that the gases from the tank itself can be released.

Body/middle part

  • Its manufacture is made with C40 steel and a thickness of up to 2.7 mm. Maximum resistance
  • Plastic elements in technopolymer with qualities similar to metal alloys
  • Small size to be able to be installed in any situation and on low platforms.
  • Inclined entry for easy refueling even on very low platforms.
  • Installation with quick coupling system. (30s)
  • Steel obstruction barrier with access spaces less than Ø 3.8 mm.
  • Internal anti-turbulence geometry, thus avoiding spills, splashes or stops during refueling
  • Flow rates up to 130 l/min (nominal).
  • Disassembly system with a pneumatic electronic key exclusively designed for this purpose.
  • Special black protective paint


  • Mechanical blocking of access to the tank.
  • Non-return closures, which avoid spill problems in cases of overturning. or theft by suction or by means of compressed air guns from one tank to another. These closures are automatically blocked, blocking the entry and/or exit of fuel to the fuel tank.
  • Wing type fuel fluid guidance system.

PetrolKey assembly demonstration, model 105.

petrolkey de pie
Petrolkey con tapa


Dismantling machine. For customer safety, it is not shown with a real photo.

Protective rubber cover – Its usefulness is multiple since, on the one hand, it extends the useful life of PETROLKEY and protects it from the weather and possible dirt from the road or the load itself.





Our products are highly versatile as they are compatible with a wide variety of brands, including Mercedes, Iveco, MAN, DAF, Scania, Renault, Volvo, Ford, BMC and Fuso.​

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