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Dõrôbö Keiho V.1.


According to police statistics thefts of catalysts and particle filter have increased considerably in the last two years and the figures are tending to soar in the future . BIOFUTUR presents catalytic converter theft prevention.

Initially, the catalyst is that integral part of the exhaust pipe that modifies the gas emissions of our car in order to reduce its harmful effect.
But, in addition, it contains platinum, palladium and radium that make it the main target for theft of vehicle parts.
For this reason, there are many companies that do not cover their replacement, especially in those models in which said parts even exceed the market value of the vehicle.

The replacement price of the device is well over 3,000 euros since the thief breaks attached parts, destroys wiring and also the vehicle can be inactive for several days or more.

Continuing in our line of as designers, manufacturers and distributors of locks, we have designed 2 possibilities: dõrôbö –  an entirely mechanical protector of the special catalytic converter for vans and chassis vans with cab.
antirrobo de catalizador
antirrobo para catalizador

dõrôbö keiho V.1. anti-theft catalyst and electronic particulate filter alarm for cars and vans

And a second option adaptable to any type of vehicle, be it a car or a van  dõrôbö Keiho — consists of a customizable alarm with an adjustable impact sensor that, at the slightest blow, sounds the siren located on the underside of the vehicle with an intensity of 120 decibels, so the thief will stampede.

Depending on the make, model and year of your vehicle, you will have one catalytic converter or another, for this reason these data are necessary so that the choice and installation is correct and thus avoid the theft of the catalytic converter, the alarm in this aspect represents greater flexibility , is adaptable and compatible with 95% of Turismo vehicles and derivatives.

The dõrôbö mechanical are made with marine-grade stainless steel, using high-security fixings and other special elements and materials that we cannot name. The entire system is designed to effectively mitigate the theft of catalytic converters.

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